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Austin Chiropractor Dr. Alex VanDeWalle

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North Austin Chiropractor, Dr. Alex VanDeWalle

Dr. Alex VanDeWalle

Dr. Alex VanDeWalle is available for appointments at the Far West Clinic.

We’re always here to help so if you have questions or want to find out more please call me or feel free to email us too.

Dr Alex VanDeWalle has taken care of hundreds of individuals and athletes through the years. Current and past patients have included Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Texas State Women’s Soccer Team, German 1st Division Soccer Player, Open Class Mountain Bike National Champion, as well as many others.

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..former Chiropractor of the

Austin AZTEX Pro-Soccer Team

“I’m excited about my association with the high level players of the (Aztex) team. One of the things I hope to accomplish is not only help the player beyond any current pain but evaluate bio-mechanical shortfalls that are either going to give him trouble in the future or more importantly identify what is currently holding him back with his training. I think a lot of players are frustrated and stuck in a plateau with their physical training and often think it is “themselves” not having the right exercise or not training with the right equipment – but in actuality may be something ‘chiropracticly’ that is the real problem. Typically we can simply identify and treat with just a few easy adjustments and the player immediately notices a difference.” – Dr Alex

Playing competitive soccer much of his life, Dr Alex has seen and probably even dealt with his fair share of sports injuries which gives him special insight to not only the injury itself but also the performance factor soccer players deal with. He has found that the majority of players are “dealing” with something (big or small) and typically get away with aches and pains thinking they can play through it and it won’t affect you. Dr Alex says the biggest misconception is that although you can continue to play through it – nagging injuries decrease your performance – and when you get to the higher levels – every percentage counts!

Official Chiropractor of the Texas Rollergirls

Dr Alex VanDeWalle is currently the team chiropractor for the Texas Rollergirls. As one person put it “playing Rollerderby is like being in a car accident every week…”

“You see a lot of different things – working with the rollerderby – and I’m just glad to be able to put as many players back together as I can…” “Rollergirl injuries require unique attention that I feel we are more prepared to handle than most other doctors offices… one of my biggest intentions is to try and catch issues early when they’re in the nagging and chronic stages before they turn-into surgery situations… ” – Dr Alex

Most likely you’ve been taught to think that chiropractic is some kind of treatment for neck and back pain, etc… It’s true, we do see a lot of patients suffering with a variety of such problems but more importantly though, is the recognition that chiropractic is much more than the simple relief of pain. You may be amazed to learn that most problems that surface in the adult years actually start much earlier, in childhood, or even from the birthing process. How many of you have been through that?

We get questions all the time – who should see the chiropractor? The simple answer is – anyone who wants to be active in their daily lives for the future! Just like you don’t wait until your teeth fall out to see the Dentist – you shouldn’t wait until your back goes out to see the Chiropractor. We can put you back together – but typically its easier before the major breakdown than after.

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