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Laser PL5000

Erchonia Cold Laser PL 5000

Erchonia Cold Laser PL 5000

How does it work?

here have been numerous scientific studies and many research articles that discuss different aspects of low level cold laser (LLLT), each with their own unique perspective, however the simple answer is through photonic absorption, laser light energy converts into chemical energy which initiates a cascade of events at a cellular level that initiate, inhibit or accelerate biological processes such as wound healing, inflammation, or pain

  • LLLT promotes healing in many conditions because it penetrates the skin, increases the ATP and activates enzymes in the targeted cells.
  • Growth factor response within the cells and tissue as a result of increased ATP and protein synthesis.
  • Improved cell proliferation
  • Pain relief as a result of increased endorphin release.
  • Strengthening the immune system response via increasing levels of lymphocyte activity.

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